5 Things You Should Do Every Single Day

5 Things You Should Do Every Single Day

I’m a big fan of habits.

I’ve written a whole series of Audible podcasts on habits including “Habits for Happiness”, “Habits for Happiness at Work”, and “Habits for Mastering Anxiety (and depression and anger and more)” etcetera

So doing the right things every day is a big part of my philosophy for enjoying more happiness and living a better life …

via Psychology Today by Glenn Geher


  • Life is full of choices. And it is often difficult to know what choices to make.
  • An evolutionary perspective on everyday human life can help shape healthy choices and actions in all life domains.
  • Based on work in evolutionary psychology, here are five actions that we can take every day to help us thrive.


If you’re old enough to read this, then you already know that life is hard. People often look to publications such as Psychology Today to help provide guidance across all spheres of living. With this in mind, here I present a list of five simple actions that, if performed regularly, can help you thrive in all aspects of life.

From an evolutionary perspective, the human mind did not evolve for modern, large-scale, industrialized conditions—conditions in which we all have cell phones at the ready and can literally communicate our ideas with the entire world with the push of a button. From an evolutionary perspective, we evolved in small-scale societies surrounded by nature. Under the conditions that shaped our evolution, all communication was face-to-face and most interactions were with either family members or individuals with whom we had long-standing social relations.

From the perspective of positive evolutionary psychology, we can use our understanding of evolution and human behavior to help us make healthy choices and to build habits that, based on our evolved psychology, can help us thrive across all spheres of life.

1. Treat others with forgiveness and grace.

Based on work on the evolutionary psychology of moral emotions (c.f., De Jesus et al., 2021), we evolved in small-scale societies, surrounded by the same individuals over and over again. Our minds evolved to exist in such contexts. In such a world, treating others in a way that is selfish and disrespectful would have had adverse effects for oneself in the long run.

Maybe each day you should make a point to forgive someone in your world for some prior transgression or go out of your way to show someone grace and respect. Our ancestors who did this sort of thing stayed in the good graces of others. Such actions clearly played a role in helping our ancestors stay connected with (and supported by) others…

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