Happiness Is A Side Effect, Not A Destination: 3 Ways To Increase Happiness

Happiness Is A Side Effect, Not A Destination: 3 Ways To Increase Happiness

There’s a long standing debate focusing on whether happiness is a destination or in the journey.

Is happiness something we should strive for? or something we experience as an indirect result of doing other things?

To be honest, I think it’s both; or different things on different days.

But if you’d like to learn more about how to increase your happiness as a side-effect, rather than a destination to aim directly for, then read on …

via Forbes by Yvette Costa

We had a snowstorm a few weeks ago, dumping almost a foot of wet, heavy snow in our driveway and that of our neighbor. I knew that our neighbor was out of town and they had a young woman house- and dog-sitting for them. I also knew that she wasn’t going anywhere until the snow was addressed and doing it without a snow blower wasn’t likely an option.

So, my fiancé and I went over and cleared the driveway to ensure that the house sitter could come and go as needed. We weren’t asked. It wasn’t expected. We just did it.

And we felt good about doing it. We were happy about being good neighbors and helping someone in need.

Our happiness was the outcome—the side effect—of doing something. In this case a good deed.

Happiness is the result of doing something that feels good, makes us feel connected, gives us a sense of accomplishment or connects us to something important to us. Happiness is a side effect of these things.

But we’re taught that happiness is a destination, someplace we get to once we achieve something. We’ve all probably experienced this. I’ll be happy when: I get that promotion, I lose 10 pounds, the weather warms up, my kids get better grades. The list goes on and on…

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