Your Complete Happiness Really Comes Down to Asking 1 Simple Question

Your Complete Happiness Really Comes Down to Asking 1 Simple Question

Is it really possible?

Could happiness really be that simple?

Is it possible that my happiness could come down to asking just one question???

Well, if you’re in any way interested in happiness and being happy, in wellbeing and living a good life, then it’s almost certainly well worth you reading on …

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It could change your trajectory toward a lifetime of well-being.

To live a life of happiness may require some change. I mean, for some people, fast living and instant gratification could produce some level of happiness. But is it sustainable? Will material riches and the latest gadgetry make your life fulfilling?

That’s a hard question to aanswer. But if you’re open to a new template for working and living life to the fullest, you may want to start with some self-examination.

The 1 question you should be asking

Living a life of happiness starts with pinpointing what truly matters to you. Then it requires operating from that mindset, no matter the cost in the short term (there will be sacrifices and failures along the way). Because happiness should come from doing something that deep down inside is exactly what you can’t help but keep doing.

The pursuit of sustainable happiness forces us to look in the mirror and ask one really powerful question: Am I doing the work that I want to do?

Most humans will have about 30 good years to make a productive dent in the universe. Thinking about our mortality should empower us to use whatever precious time we have left to make a real difference in the lives of others, and in the most meaningful way possible.

Another way to frame this big question is, “If I died tomorrow, would I want to be doing what I’m doing today?” If you’re asking this question for several days in a row and the answer is a “no,” it’s time to change something; it’s time for you to confront yourself. If you’re being true to yourself, it can be frightening to admit you’re not living the life you want, but it’s the only way to pivot toward the pursuit of may be your true calling…

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