Here’s why you should make a habit of having more fun

Here’s why you should make a habit of having more fun

Happiness isn’t the same as fun.

At least, REAL happiness isn’t the same as fun.

And no one would suggest that you can have fun ALL the time.

But, that being said, fun is important; and can be very beneficial, so making fun one of your happiness habits is well worth considering …

via NPR by April Fulton

When was the last time you flew too high on a swing and lost your stomach, or busted out laughing so hard that you started crying?

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had this kind of fun, you’re not alone.

A lot of us are still recovering from antisocial habits formed in the pandemic. And these days, events outside of our control are taking a serious toll on our health. Last fall, 76% of adults surveyed by the American Psychological Association said stress from politics, race relations, violence and inflation has affected their health. They report experiencing headaches, fatigue, depression, nervousness and exhaustion.

But the antidote may be hiding in plain sight. Two recent books argue that making room for more fun in your life could counteract both the stress and the tendency to escape it by zoning out online.

In The Fun Habit: How The Disciplined Pursuit of Joy And Wonder Can Change Your Life, published in January, psychologist Mike Rucker makes the case that pursuit of fun experiences may be even more valuable than seeking the sometimes abstract goal of happiness.

“Happiness is a state of mind,” Rucker writes. “But fun is something you can do. It doesn’t require education, money or power. All it requires is intentionality. If happiness is a mirage, fun is your backyard oasis.”

And science journalist Catherine Price, author of The Power of Fun, published in 2021, has a similar view. (She took a break from her latest interest, online blues piano lessons, to take my call.)

“We really trivialize fun and we are so casual and sloppy about how we use the word,” Price says, but it is “essential for our happiness and health.”

And fun can be so many things. Last year, when NPR asked readers to share what they’re really into, more than 1,500 of you responded with a deliciously wide range of pursuits, from hula hooping to home brewing beer to raising reptiles. And more than 800 said you do these activities just because they’re fun.

Here’s advice from Price and Rucker — and inspiration from NPR readers — for ways to build more fun into your life…

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