Could Your Overall Happiness in Life Really Come Down to 5 Simple Words?

Could Your Overall Happiness in Life Really Come Down to 5 Simple Words?

On the one hand, happiness can be super simple.

But on the other hand, having worked as a psychologist for several decades AND having experienced mental ill-health (most notably depression), I’m well aware it’s NOT always easy.

That being said, it can help sometimes to keep things simple and to focus on some boring basics that will work, most of the time, if you stick at them …

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Money alone doesn’t lead to sustainable happiness. So what does?

If you could start your career all over again and make better decisions that led to living a happier life, what would you do differently?

Billionaires claim to have reached an uncanny level of happiness, unlike the rest of us. Of course, they are crazy rich so our natural assumption would lead us to believe that money makes them happy.

That may be true, but money alone doesn’t lead to sustainable happiness if other areas of your life are careening out of control. So what should we be aiming for?

Five words: Do the things you love.

Billionaire Warren Buffett once said that the key to your happiness is to “do something you enjoy all your life.” He added, “I urge you to work in jobs that you love. I think you are out of your mind if you keep taking jobs that you don’t like because you think it will look good on your rsum.”

There may be risks involved in chasing after that dream job or career. You don’t just wake up one day and quit your job and the financial security of a steady paycheck to start a business. But when you do discover the work or career that will spring you out of bed every morning, it’ll be totally worth it. Consider the long-term payoffs.

It gives you an unmatched purpose

When you do what you love, you create alignment between your work, your values, and the things that bring you purpose. And you can’t have purpose without passion, which comes from the desire to make a change — a difference — for your customer, your business, or even the world…

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