How to Turn Negative Emotions Into Inspiration for Action

How to Turn Negative Emotions Into Inspiration for Action

You’ve probably heard the saying that “it’s OK not to be OK all the time”.

Well, it’s not just “ok” it can be good for you!

How so?

Well, if you “use” negative emotions appropriately, as motivation to change, then good can come in the form of health, happiness and more …

via Psychology Today by Bernadette Stockwell

Last Friday at 1:35 in the morning, I was putting away my dishes.

No, I’m not a Night Owl, and I had stayed up that late and was just getting around to the task before I turned in for the night.

No, I’m not a party animal just arriving home from a night on the town.

And no, I wasn’t tending a baby or a whiny dog.

It was a simple matter of resolve.
Here’s the backstory.

Earlier in the day, I was listening to a podcast with Eddie Pinero. In his motivational podcast called Your World Within Daily, he referenced Jim Rohn, another motivational speaker with a long history of publications, public speaking, and articles about productivity.

Jim tells a story about a life-changing moment that occurred when he was just 25 years old. A little Girl Scout knocked on his door selling cookies. He was embarrassed to tell her that he didn’t have the money, so he lied and said he had already bought cookies from another scout.

When he closed the door, he felt disgusted with himself.

At that moment, he realized that positive action could result from disgust if that negative emotion is followed by a decision, desire, and resolve.

I had heard this same podcast probably two weeks earlier.

My reaction at that time was, “Poor Jim being in that situation, disgusted in himself.” And that was that.

On this listening, I turned the disgust lens onto my own life…

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