Two Self-Defeating Attitudes To Leave Behind In 2022, Suggested By A Psychologist

Two Self-Defeating Attitudes To Leave Behind In 2022, Suggested By A Psychologist

Sometimes happiness and success requires us to do more; or to do differently.

Sometimes happiness and success just require is to STOP doing what we’re doing that’s getting in the way!

Self-defeating thoughts and attitudes are common; we all have them. And they’re almost certainly getting in the way of your happiness which means letting them go would be a good idea ….

via Forbes by Mark Travers

With the year coming to an end, many of us can pick out at least a few unhealthy thought processes, feelings, and behaviors that have held us back in 2022. But it’s never too late to untangle an unhealthy cognitive loop or behavioral cycle.

Here, I’ll talk about two ways to leave your self-defeating patterns where they belong – in the past.

#1. Stop sabotaging your happiness by chasing after things that are out of reach. Be happy with what you have.

Many of us sabotage ourselves when we think we must have material things to be happy. For instance, if we already have a fully functioning iPhone 12, why do we feel the need to own the latest edition?

Part of this has to do with the ‘scarcity bias.’ Scarcity bias is the tendency to overvalue things we have limited access to and devalue the things that are easily accessible and available to us.

While the scarcity bias played an important role in keeping us safe and secure in our evolutionary past, it serves little purpose in today’s era of consumerism and choice overload.

According to a study published in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, a certain amount of money is required to live a happy, fulfilled life (e.g., having access to education, healthcare, and basic standards of living). But, beyond that, higher incomes do not necessarily correlate to happier lives nor do they guarantee happiness. Chasing scarce goods, at best, can only lead to fleeting moments of happiness

Here’s a better path to uncover a deeper level of contentment with the life you have …

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