3 Uncommon Questions That Will Ensure You Get the Most Out of 2023

3 Uncommon Questions That Will Ensure You Get the Most Out of 2023

Living your best life, enjoy happiness and wellbeing, isn’t always about having all the answers.

Sometimes, it’s about having the best questions!

And this thought-provoking article from Inc by Steven Lawson poses 3 cool questions you should definitely consider asking yourself …

A better way to make change next year

new year brings with it a natural inflection point; a time to evaluate, reassess and set a new course for one’s life. And there is a lot of information out there about setting new year’s resolutions, from exercise to eating healthy to reaching your maximum potential in the workplace. Yet, come February, we often find those lofty resolutions didn’t really stick and we’re back to a cycle of set and forget, set and forget.

This year, it’s time to break that cycle. Before you begin creating your resolutions, consider these three uncommon questions to ensure you make the most out of 2023 and it becomes your leap year.

Question 1: What internal change is necessary for the external changes I desire?

Many of us begin our resolutions with an external focus, whether it be losing weight, growing our business or kicking a bad habit. But the truth is, all of our current circumstances are a result of our internal beliefs and values. The real key is not to hack your way to change, but rather to figure out what internal beliefs are holding you back from your potential. Ultimately, our external reality reflects our inner reality. When you seek to change your outer reality without addressing your inner reality first, your inner reality will win every time. Better to start with the inner…

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