Great Personal Development Goals To Set For Yourself – And How To Achieve Them

Great Personal Development Goals To Set For Yourself – And How To Achieve Them

It’s that time of year again, when most people review the year that’s been and plan for the year that’s coming.

Among the many and varied goals no doubt being set, will indubitably be goals around health and wellbeing, happiness and personal development.

You may well have clarity around what you want to achieve but if you’re looking for some direction you might like to check out this HIVE article by Anouare Abdou

Personal development is the zest of life, says Nikki Soulsby, a Dale Carnegie coach and self-help author. You’re probably already a functional, well-rounded person with great qualities. But setting personal development goals for yourself enhances and deepens your entire experience of life. 

“Zest doesn’t change the recipe, it just makes it better. That’s the goal of personal development. You don’t need to become a different person; it’s just more fun if you’re the best version of yourself,” according to Soulsby. “Regardless of occupation, experience, seniority, or talent, becoming a better you is always a good idea. It can help you reach your professional goals, make the work you’re already doing more impactful, and elevate your personal brand.” 

As a leader, developing yourself on a personal level will help you perform at a higher level, too. “A business won’t grow and develop unless the leaders within are willing to do the same,” adds Liza Provenzano, HR expert and founder of leadership development and coaching practice SparkWorks. As she puts it, effective self-leadership is also necessary to effectively lead others. 

If you’re game to become an even better version of yourself just because you can, here are 6 great goals to set for yourself – along with tips on how to crush them. 

1. Read something every day

Imagine how much you’d learn and grow if you read a little bit every single day. “Even if it’s a two-minute article online or a single page in a fiction novel, this little habit will change your life,” says Soulsby. “Reading expands your vocabulary, strengthens your mental abilities, improves focus, reduces stress, and so much more. Obviously, personal development books and nonfiction are great choices to generate new ideas and keep you motivated, but fiction is also a brain booster.”  

2. Give 10% more  

Soulsby recommends another interesting daily goal that can transform your life: Giving 10% more of yourself in everything you do, whether you’re asked to deliver a presentation at work and add an executive summary to it or even simply being fully present during a video meeting. 

“You don’t need to go overboard. 10% is plenty. Doing 200% of what was asked won’t get you promoted, it will keep you stuck. Why would anyone pay two people when one person can do the work by themselves? So, aim to do 10% more and then stop. When this is a habit, you will be the first person in line for all the best opportunities,” she says…

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