How To Turn Frustration and Stress Into Fulfilment and Achievement

How To Turn Frustration and Stress Into Fulfilment and Achievement

We all experience frustration and stress.

That’s normal; and at times appropriate.

But what if you could turn that into something good? What if you could use these unpleasant emotions to create and enjoy more happiness? More accomplishment and contentment?

If that sounds interesting to you then read on …

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Sometimes a frustrating problem turns out to be a solution when viewed from a different perspective.

Every operator on our team brought their paperwork to my work station at the end of a job. Every operator in the plant brought their paperwork to those respective work stations.

Except for Mike — and since it was my job to collect all the paperwork and turn it in to production control, I had to make the thirty-yard walk to the head of the line six or eight times a day.

And it irritated the (crap) out of me.

One day I was grumbling to another operator. “I don’t know why Mike can’t walk his paperwork down like everyone else,” I said.

He shook his head. “Why do you care?” he said. “You walk up that way four or five times a day anyway. Just grab whatever’s there on your way by.”

He was right.

I wanted Mike’s paperwork at the end of the job, because it satisfied my need for order and consistency, but I certainly didn’t need it. The urgency I felt was self-imposed.

So I just decided I would grab his paperwork whenever I went by.

And my frustration instantly disappeared.

Reduce Your Frustration

That’s a perfect example of cognitive reframing, In simple terms, reframing means viewing a situation or problem from a different perspective. In my case, all it took was to look at the situation from Mike’s perspective.

He saw me walk by four or five times a day. Why should he take time away from a job changeover to bring me his paperwork? His time was better spent getting us up and running on the next job.

In fact, every operator’s time on our crew was better spent that way…

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