Research Says Employees Need 3 Things to Drive Their Happiness at Work

Research Says Employees Need 3 Things to Drive Their Happiness at Work

This ones for the workers.

Well, we’re all workers because even if you’re unpaid or if you work for yourself or if you work from home … these principles still apply.

So, this one’s for all of us and in reality, is about the things we need to thrive and flourish in life anywhere and any time …

via by Marcel Schwantes

An increasing body of evidence confirms that happy workers are, quite simply, better and more productive workers. The data has proven over time that positive feelings at work lead to increased motivation. It also increases an asset we now describe with two overused buzzwords: employee engagement.

Research published in Harvard Business Review a few years back — and still quite relevant for today’s hybrid work environment — concluded that to be fully engaged and happy, virtually every individual contributor wants three things:

1. A meaningful and compelling vision

People want to be able to see a compelling vision of the future and know how they fit in. This means leaders must link the organizational vision to people’s personal visions, then communicate that vision consistently. To really retain and engage your talent, generate enthusiasm by keeping them mentally and emotionally connected to the organization’s goals. This approach has been known to foster more loyalty than financial compensation and perks can alone. When employees believe in the work they are doing, both work and the workplace become more meaningful…

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