How to Make Life More Transcendent

How to Make Life More Transcendent

Transcendence is often associated with religion.

But it need not be. In fact, we can all look to make our lives more transcendent and in doing so, create more opportunities for happiness and satisfaction …

via the Atlantic by Arthur C Brooks

Traditional religiosity in America has rapidly decreased of late, especially among young people. Surveys consistently show that Millennials and Gen Z adults are less likely to declare any religious affiliation than previous generations, a phenomenon that is often called “the rise of the ‘nones.’” Some lament this as a symptom of societal decline; others celebrate it as a mark of progress.

Less remarked upon, however, is the fact that Americans are still far more likely than people in other developed nations to practice religious or spiritual behavior—such as praying daily, even if they don’t follow a particular religion. And indeed, only about 18 percent of Americans claim to be neither spiritual (believing in the transcendent, or sacred) nor religious (holding beliefs within particular religious communities), according to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey. A solid 48 percent said they are both religious and spiritual, and another 27 percent said they are spiritual but not religious. (Only 6 percent are religious but not spiritual.)

The persistence of spirituality in the U.S. is quite baffling to many in my professional circle of social scientists. Social science has long predicted that our society is moving toward secularization as data, technology, and science replace beliefs in unseen forces.

A closer look at recent research, however, makes this persistence a lot less surprising. Spiritual experiences—traditionally religious or otherwise—give us unique insights into life and positive benefits we simply can’t get elsewhere. Leaving aside debates about the underlying rightness of religious claims and the authenticity of various spiritual experiences, most people can find a greater understanding of life, higher well-being, and more love through an exploration of the transcendent…

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