Living and Dying Without Regrets

Living and Dying Without Regrets

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure it’s at all possible to live without any regrets.

Mistakes are a normal part of life and so too, then, are regrets.

More so, regrets can be helpful as they can help us learn and become better.

But we can live well despite regrets; we can live well by understanding regrets and life and death …

via Psychology Today by Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu


  • Living well is the way to die without regrets.
  • By being aware of limited time, we will not waste time.
  • Illness is our great teacher of how to live well.
  • By moving toward death we learn how to truly live.

Living by death’s side

I have truly learned to live

There are no regrets.

I put the the words Anabel Mariko left behind into a haiku. She died at 41 years-old after a life of illnesses, hospitalizations, surgeries, transplants, recoveries, challenges, accomplishments, and ultimately cancer.

She said that she learned to live fully and have a good life by living alongside death. This is how she became aware that her life was time-limited, and it motivated her to not waste any time. By defying statistics and moving toward death, she overcame her fears and embraced life courageously.

Anabel believed that every human being wants and strives to feel love and connection—to be loved and to love. She felt this love with humans—her husband, family, and friends—and also with her dog. Anabel also “felt the love of God” in receiving the gift of life itself, and all the joys she had experienced. She acknowledged that she had “felt the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in human emotions,” and that she accepted it all as her life. In the end, she was able to feel that she was part of something great, made an impact, inspired others and left the world with a sense of peace and satisfaction…

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