Cultivate Joy Through Meditative Moments

Cultivate Joy Through Meditative Moments

If you’re reading this then you’re almost certainly interested in and familiar with the pursuit of happiness.

Further, if you’re reading this you’re almost certainly interested in and have heard about mindfulness and meditation.

How do these connect?

Well, mindfulness and meditation can set the foundation for happiness, by creating moment to moment awareness of joy and gratitude …

via Psychology Today by Jessica Grossmeier


  • Experiencing moments of sadness, anger, and worry is a natural aspect of life.
  • Research shows that shifting our attention to the well-being of others contributes to our well-being and joy.
  • The well-being benefits of meditation can be achieved through a brief practice of visualization, extending compassion, breathing, and reflection.

We’ve all experienced a middle-of-the-night moment when we’re lying awake, ruminating about a troubling life event, a hurtful conversation we had earlier in the day, or a worrisome challenge that might emerge.

No matter how we try to turn off the endless reel of chattering thoughts, we can’t seem to put our minds at ease and fall back asleep. This is especially likely when we’ve felt wronged by others or are concerned about a friend or loved one going through a tough time.

Such was the case for me as I lay awake at 3:00 a.m., unable to stop thinking about a family member dealing with a challenging coworker.

I’ve recently discovered a new way to redeem those wee hours of the morning with a simple meditation practice that brings me a greater sense of peace and which research shows can cultivate a greater sense of joy in life.

The practice offers practitioners a way to respond positively to the suffering we observe around us and can help alleviate our own suffering. Regular practice may cultivate more compassion for ourselves and others–even for people we dislike. (2019)

A Middle-of-the-Night Meditation

The middle-of-the-night meditation is an adaptation of the meditation practice described in The Book of Joy (2016)…

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