A Key Component of a Happy Life

A Key Component of a Happy Life

It’s easy to be happy when all’s going well.

It’s easy to be happy in some places where happiness is almost a given.

But what if you could be happy anywhere and any time?

I’m not necessarily suggesting anyone can be happy ALL the time, but what if we could be more content in more situations …

via Psychology Today by Robert Puff

There are many ways we can explore happiness together. But today, I want to talk about, perhaps, the key component of a happy life.

It’s not about having wonderful experiences. It’s about flowing wonderfully with whatever life brings.

Repeat those two sentences.

Almost 100% of our energy goes toward changing our external environment and surroundings to improve the direction of our lives. There is a real propensity to think that if things were different, life would go better. For instance, if you are having wonderful experiences, all your focus will be going toward:

  1. Trying to recreate those experience
  2. Trying to stay in them all the time

People sacrifice so much to keep their lives headed in a certain direction, believing that things will remain great. However, there are big problems with this approach to life.

Why doesn’t this system work?

We cannot control everything in our external life. Maybe we can influence them a bit, but we cannot completely control them.

For example, your goal may be meeting your soulmate and having that “happily ever after” experience. And this may work for a little while. You may have wonderful experiences with this person, you fall in love, and then get married. But then life happens. Things change, we have kids, and we have stressors. There are illnesses, fights, and, perhaps, there are affairs. What was wonderful before, is not wonderful anymore. Since it didn’t work, we may try to find someone else.

Here’s another example: In the United States, there is a belief that if you make enough money, then all will be well. You may think money means happiness. You can travel the world, enjoy great meals, and just have a blast. But this is sometimes temporary…

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