7 Signs of Mentally Strong People

7 Signs of Mentally Strong People

Most people know they can build more physical strength (by, for example, going to the gym and lifting weights).

But many don’t realise they can also build psychological strength (by, in short, committing to “psychological exercise”!).

And from psychological strength comes resilience and happiness and so much more …

via Psychology Today by Tracy Hutchinson


  • Mentally strong and resilient people overcome adversities and learn from them.
  • Research finds that mentally resilient people have personality traits that help them cope with adversity.
  • They tend toward emotional maturity and make an effort to process negative events from their past.

As discussed in Part 1 of this series, mentally strong and resilient people overcome the adversities in their lives over time, learn valuable lessons from them, and can often become enlightened by seemingly impossible setbacks. They generally possess emotional maturity and adaptive defense mechanisms (Metzger, 2014).

Resilience is negatively correlated with psychopathology and correlated with good mental health, proactive coping skills, personality flexibility, and adaptability. Resilient people tend to be able to see another’s perspective during disagreements, solve problems over time, and have more positive outcomes in life than negative ones.

Good mental health is connected to resilience. Most people feel depressed or anxious at some point, but mentally resilient people use the resources they have available to work on getting better. For example, because they tend to be emotionally mature, they see reality for what it is, reach out for support, and are proactive in solving their problems.

Mentally resilient people tend not to struggle with emotional immaturity, which is often a hallmark of more severe psychopathology, including several personality disordersEmotionally immature people may only see things from only their own perspective, feel their problems are larger than others’, and blame other people for their own self-created problems. Further, their perceptions of reality are often overruled by what they “feel”—not facts and reality.

So, how do resilient people bounce back from setbacks so well? Often, by exhibiting the following characteristics:

7 Traits of Mentally Strong and Resilient People

1. They deal with reality for what it is and deal with challenges directly.

Mentally resilient people take stock of facts, research, and feedback from professionals and loved ones. They do not mentally alter history or reality, nor believe revisions to events that have happened. Dealing with reality often includes planning and seeing the situation clearly and frequently conferring with others so they are prepared for the consequences of their behavior and for whatever life throws at them…

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