How to Tap Into the Extraordinary Delight Of Ordinary Life

How to Tap Into the Extraordinary Delight Of Ordinary Life

I’ve been saying for many years now that happiness, more often than not, can be found in the little things.

Sure, there are some “big things” that are super exciting and can be filled with joy.

But day to day, being mindful of small successes and tiny pleasures is definitely a positive strategy for positive emotions …

via Thrive Global by Elaine Lipworth

Many of us have been following the same routine, day-in, day-out, as the pandemic continues. It is possible, however, to break the monotony. By fully immersing ourselves in ordinary activities and looking at our routines in a different light, they can elicit joy that equals many of life’s great adventures. All it entails is a small mindset shift.

Here are four ways to experience the delights of ordinary life:

Make mundane tasks meaningful

Transform a task like folding laundry by giving it your undivided attention. Instead of approaching your pile of clean clothes as a chore, think of the meditative quality that folding possesses. Done slowly and deliberately, it’s an opportunity to zone in and see a project through from start to finish. When you’ve finished, congratulate yourself (out loud or inwardly) for a job well done. You can apply the same devoted focus to anything, like making a cup of tea, food shopping, or tidying up.  

Turn meals into celebrations

Whether you are eating alone or with others, try turning an ordinary meal into a feast. Create an uplifting ambience by putting on music you love as you cook. If you’re stirring soup, do it mindfully. Set the table, light a candle — then, setting devices aside, serve dinner and savor the experience…

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