Stop Saying ‘It’s Just My Personality’ and Start Saying This Instead

Stop Saying ‘It’s Just My Personality’ and Start Saying This Instead

There’s no doubt we’re all born a certain way; with a certain temperament and personality.

But there’s also no doubt we can be and do more than that; that is, that we’re not necessarily limited to that with which we’re born.

Life and happiness and success and more might be “influenced” by our personalities but more so, they’re the result of what we do with what we have …

via by Deborah Grayson Riegel

Wharton Business School Professor and best-selling author Adam Grant wrote, ” ‘That’s just the way I am’ is a missed opportunity for growth. Personality is not your destiny. It’s your tendency. No one is limited to a single way of thinking, feeling, or acting. Who you become is not about the traits you have. It’s what you decide to do with them.”
I agree (and not just because I have an “agreeable personality“). In my work as an executive coach, I help leaders reflect on how what they say and do — as well as what they don’t say and do — affects the people around them.

After doing 360 feedback interviews, I find myself giving this feedback frequently to those I coach, based on what their colleagues have observed over time:

“You talk more than you listen.”

“You ask about your colleagues’ work but you don’t ask about their personal lives.”

“You don’t actively seek out opinions and perspectives that are different from your own.”

“You don’t speak succinctly or get to the point quickly.”

“You present your ideas in great detail, regardless of how much detail your listeners want or need to hear.”

And far too often, what I hear in response is: “Well, that’s just my personality.”

That’s when our real work begins…

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