Science Proves The Power Of Nature: 3 Ways To Improve Work And Life

Science Proves The Power Of Nature: 3 Ways To Improve Work And Life

I don’t personally use affirmations but I do, most of the time, have something akin to a “motto”.

These change from time to time but they are, at the moment, my reminder and/or inspiration.

At the moment, my motto is “GET OUTSIDE” and this article, via Forbes by Tracy Brower, outlines why this can be so good …

Nature has long been connected with happiness, fulfillment and an overall sense of wellbeing. But new research finds there are primary ways nature can contribute to your experiences in both work and life. Based on the science about what matters most, you can squeeze the best out of the waning summer season and set yourself up to be nurtured by nature in every season.

For some, nature may be a part of your work. If you have a job where you can work remote, taking a call from the park or doing a walking meeting may be great strategies. But even if your work doesn’t lend itself to a natural experience, when you have greater happiness outside of work, it can increase your perception of overall satisfaction—both in work and life.

How Nature Matters

New science finds key elements of nature which contribute most significantly to your happiness and wellbeing. A sweeping analysis just published in Science Advances included 301 separate studies across 62 countries (wow!).

The research identified many ways nature impacts people. It can contribute in meaningful ways to your cognition and the quality of your thinking. It can help you feel greater cohesiveness with the people around you, and even inspire better communication. It can also help you feel more creative, and it can help you develop—in terms of your character and confidence. There is also evidence nature can make you more reflective, and give you a sense of renewal. And it can help you tap into your intuition and feel more inspired to move forward.

The Power of Nature

Based on these benefits of nature, three key strategies emerged—ways you can tap into the power of nature to improve both your work and life…

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