3 Simple Mindset Changes to Attract More Fun Into Your Life

3 Simple Mindset Changes to Attract More Fun Into Your Life

There’s no “one thing” that will make for happiness or life satisfaction.

There are, rather, many things, each of which will be differentially significant for different people, at different times.

That being said, there are a few pretty important factors that for most people most of the time will make a massive difference. And one of those is mindset …

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Fun might seem like the exact opposite of work, but science is crystal clear: Joy and playfulness actually help you be not just happier personally but more successful professionally as well.  

Play makes us mentally tougher by helping us reduce stress and see old challenges in a new light. Research has linked play with less fatigue and burnout among employees and more engagement and creativity. Being playful with others helps us negotiate conflict and build empathy, while laughter boosts EQ and accelerates learning (which might be why Einstein advised his son that the way to learn faster is to have more fun). Science shows funny bosses are more motivating. And last but not least, one large Norwegian study even found people with a good sense of humor live an average of eight years longer than the poker-faced. 

In short, fun isn’t just a pleasant distraction from the serious business of living. Play helps us achieve more and be happier while doing it. But in our stressful, uncertain world, where temperatures and prices are soaring and a recession seems to be looming, holding on to a sense of playfulness can be hard. How can entrepreneurs keep on top of all the serious responsibilities of adulthood while still making room for fun in their lives? 

Anyone can develop the “fun mindset”

That’s the topic of a fascinating excerpt from the new book The Power of Fun, featured on the TED Ideas blog recently. In it, author Catherine Price argues that it’s actually possible to become the kind of person who attracts fun, even if up to now you’ve thought of yourself as shy, introverted, or more on the serious side. 

When Price asked people what made someone fun for her book, the most popular answers were things like spontaneity, a willingness to be vulnerable, and an appreciation of small joys that can be cultivated by any personality type. “The primary thing that separates people who attract fun from their peers is their attitude,” Price insists before offering several tips to help you cultivate a “fun mindset.”

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