How to find meaning in life

How to find meaning in life

As a positive psychologist, I often talk about happiness and positive emotions.

But thriving and flourishing, living our best lives, is about much more than that.

Don’t get me wrong, happiness is great; but so too is meaning and purpose which is what this article is all about …

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Learning how to find greater meaning in life means aligning with your true sense of purpose and tapping into what matters most to you. Katherine Baldwin takes a closer look at how to reconnect with your inner, most heartfelt motivations, deal positively with life’s inevitable disappointments and celebrate your life…

Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering, is there more to life than this? Do you yearn for greater fulfilment? You may have ticked all the life boxes: devoted partner, successful career, happy family life… and yet sometimes there is still this sense that something indefinable is missing. But where do you begin?

Sitting in front of my computer screen, I knew there was something seriously amiss. This was more than just a bad day at the office or a case of the mid-week blues. My malaise went much deeper and it wasn’t transitory. I felt like my light had gone out and my soul had gone to sleep.

When your dream life brings no fulfillment

On the outside, everything looked great. I had a career I’d always dreamed of – as a journalist for a major news organisation. I was based in the Houses of Parliament and had been to Downing Street, the White House, Afghanistan and Iraq. I was in my mid-30s, owned my own flat, had a broad social circle and went on holiday wherever I pleased. I was single, but was sure my romantic life would work itself out.

On the inside, though, the picture was less bright. After 13 years, my enthusiasm for my high-adrenalin job had faded into disinterest and I felt like an actor playing a part, living in fear of being found out. At home alone, I felt desolate, and the nights out with friends or exotic trips never filled the gap…

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