Small Ways to Take Care Of Your Mental Health at Work

Small Ways to Take Care Of Your Mental Health at Work

Happiness is joy and pleasure and satisfaction and … well, all that good stuff.

But happiness is also being mindful of and effectively managing the inevitable “bad stuff”.

And given that we all have to work, some of that “bad stuff”, the stress and anxiety and frustration and more, can happen at work.

Which can affect our happiness and our mental ill-health. But the good news is there are things you can do to cope better …

Via Thrive Global by Marina Khidekel

Thrive and SHRM recently brought together over 90 companies to pledge to continue prioritizing the mental health and well-being of their employees. We launched the pledge amid growing concerns that as the economic times are getting tougher, the advances made during the last two years in support of employee mental health could be lost. And if we’re going to set ourselves up for long-term success, we need to build on the lessons of the past two years — since it’s in challenging times that we most need to double down on our mental resilience.

We asked our Thrive community to share with us the small ways they take care of their mental health at work. Which of these ideas will you try?

Take regular breaks

“I take care of my mental health by setting boundaries with my work and by taking breaks. I set boundaries with my work by making sure that I don’t overwork myself and give myself time to rest. I also make sure that I am not working on anything too stressful or emotionally demanding.  try to take a break when the feeling of overwhelm starts coming up, but if it doesn’t happen, then I make sure that I at least have a 30-minute break every few hours.”

—Kristin Marquet, business owner, New York, New York

Declutter your workspace

“When I become overwhelmed with tasks, a challenge, or a hurtful comment; I pause, and take a few minutes to clean my space. It doesn’t matter whether it’s my physical space, running a dish to the dishwasher or clearing up a stack of papers, or my digital space, cleaning up my inbox or organizing a file folder. This practice of clearing your space to clear your mind is known as mise en place in the cooking world and it is immensely useful.”

— K. Sweitzer, project manager, Bellingham, WA

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