Why We May Be Tempted To Deny Ourselves of Joy

Why We May Be Tempted To Deny Ourselves of Joy

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via Psychology Today by Veronika Tait


  • We don’t always allow ourselves a full expression of joy, yet we’re worthy of it.
  • It’s ok to experience positive emotions, even knowing there is suffering in the world.
  • Foreboding joy can sour our positive emotions, but we can reinterpret that feeling to increase gratitude.

This post is part two of a two-part series on how we may be unintentionally sabotaging our joy. You can read part 1 here, where I discuss stifling joy to fit cultural norms.

We may find ourselves withholding positive emotions when we feel like our enthusiasm would be judged harshly. For example, I recently got more enjoyment out of attending a local political debate than I did watching the Super Bowl. At first, I was embarrassed to be fascinated by something many people see as boring. Then I realized I’m worthy of joy at every opportunity, and I embraced it…

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