Smart Strategies to Help You Combat Techno-overload and Protect Your Well-being

Smart Strategies to Help You Combat Techno-overload and Protect Your Well-being

Just a few months ago, I released another Audible Original in my “habits” series … Habits for Humanity (HERE).

In Habits for Humanity, I write and speak about how we can stay human in an increasingly tech-based world.

I don’t believe all tech is bad. In fact I think there’s much about technology that’s absolutely wonderful.

But I do believe that like most things in life, there are pros and cons and we need to learn how to manage our use of tech for our own health and wellbeing.

Which is very similar to what this Thrive article by Marina Khidekel is all about …

For many of us, sitting through back-to-back Zoom meetings was one of the defining experiences of the pandemic. And as workplaces continue to explore the hybrid or partially-remote structures that work best for their employees, many are still struggling to set the boundaries necessary to avoid the virtual meeting fatigue and skyrocketing screen time that have come to define our new world of work.

We asked our Thrive community to share with us the small strategies that have helped them cope with techno-overload and protect their focus and well-being. Which of these tips will you try?

Stick to a tech-free morning routine

“I’ve been working on being more grounded and present during digital gatherings and feeling better after. To avoid tech overload, especially during long days on zoom, I like to start the day right with healthy food, like a smoothie with spinach. I then take a long walk in the morning and fill a pitcher of water for the day.”

—Josh Feldman, founder, Northampton, MA

Schedule 5-minute tech breaks

“I avoid techno-overload by setting up my agenda with 5-minute tech breaks carved out at least twice a day, and ideally up to four times. Those tech breaks are used to either do a brief meditation or to go out for some fresh air. I don’t bring my cell phone with me!”

—Giancarlo Molero, Miami, FL

Turn off app notifications

“‘What consumes the mind controls the soul’ —what a powerful saying. I’ve had to force myself to step away from the constant information being tossed at me every minute of the day. My top tip includes turning off all app notifications. I also like trading the evening news for an evening walk at least twice a week. 

—Jennifer Smith, career coach and consultant, Buffalo, NY   

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