Positivity Is Profitable: Adopt The Mindset That Makes Millions

Positivity Is Profitable: Adopt The Mindset That Makes Millions

I’ve been saying this for years but a good reminder is never wasted. Happiness is not just good for us as individuals; it is. But happiness is also good for groups and businesses. Happy workers are better workers; the collaborate better and are more resilient and just do better in pretty much every way.

And just to be clear, I’m not just talking about fun and games, smiling and laughing. But genuine, authentic positivity is something every leader and every business should prioritise.

Even Forbes believes this to be true as Jodie Cook writes …

A common saying in computer science is “garbage in, garbage out.” The output from any system is only as good as the input. This same idea can be applied to entrepreneurship. When you’re running a business, it’s imperative to surround yourself with positivity and uplifting influences. If you constantly listen to negativity or surround yourself with negative people, it can destroy you and your business.

That’s why positivity matters. When entrepreneurs choose to be positive and surround themselves with the right types of voices, it greatly increases their odds of success.

Hazem Mulhim can attest to this truth firsthand. A Palestinian whose family hails from Halhul in the West Bank, Mulhim relied on his positive influences during his journey to found Eastnets, a global software solutions company serving 750 financial institutions, including 11 of the top 50 banks in the world. His new book, Two Brown Envelopes, details his story to success with stops in Jordan, Kuwait, England, Bulgaria and the U.S.

“I’ve chosen to surround myself with positive advisors to give me the best outlook and help me to make the best decisions I can for my company,” Mulhim said. “There have been times when my ego kept me from listening to these advisors, and it negatively affected my business.”

Harnessing the power of positivity starts with examining your mindset, Mulhim said, to ensure you’re ready to add positive people into your inner circle and benefit from their ethos and demeanour…

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