10 Small Ways to Take Care Of Yourself During a Stressful News Cycle

10 Small Ways to Take Care Of Yourself During a Stressful News Cycle

It’s hard to be happy when there’s so much that’s not positive going on around us.

It’s not impossible, just hard (or harder).

But it’s still important to try to be as happy as we can be, to take care of our mental health and to ensure we’re as motivated and focused as we can be to do what we need to do for ourselves and for all those around us.

Many of us like to keep up to date with news and current affairs; but this Thrive article by Marina Khidekel can help you manage your stress while doing so …

So many of us are experiencing ongoing feelings of helplessness, heartbreak and unease as the war in Ukraine continues, and we’re all trying our best to stay informed. While watching the news and reading updates can be helpful, it can also be stressful — which is why it’s important that we set boundaries with technology and find small ways to take care of ourselves every day. 

We asked our Thrive community to share with us the small ways they take care of themselves when there’s so much going on in the world. Which of these tips will you try? 

Carve out quiet time for yourself

“I take extra time to spend in silence to get present with my feelings. Whether grief, anger or hopelessness is present, by spending time acknowledging my feelings, I feel more grounded. Then, I tune into compassion by doing the loving kindness compassion meditation and send the same peaceful vibes to myself and others suffering around the world. While I would love to do something directly, by tuning into my own heart and sending compassionate wishes that others be free of suffering, I know I’m doing something.”

—Andrea Pennington, MD, integrative psychedelic physician, Cannes, France

Spread love to those around you

“The world can feel chaotic and unpredictable, and with so much going on that feels bad, it’s easy to get lost in negativity. The most rewarding way to take care of myself during times of uncertainty is to be a source of love for everyone you come in contact with. When sharing love, you receive love, and it’s is the best antidote for weary, worry, and anger. Share the love.”

—James Petrossi, president of PTNL, Austin, TX

Designate news cut-off hours

“With the barrage of global crises and local crises, it can be very easy to get sucked into this vortex of bad news and harrowing images that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. I feel very strongly about having a digital detox during certain hours of the day.  I stay away from TV news, online news and social media for a few hours each day as this allows me to tune into my work with better focus and tune into my family with better presence and attention. This doesn’t mean that I am oblivious to the enormity of these events, however it does allow me the space and time to live my life feeling less disorientated.”

—Candice Tomlinson, coach and hypnotherapist, Sydney, Australia

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