These Small Changes to Your Weekend Routine Will Super-Charge Your Week, According to Brain Science

These Small Changes to Your Weekend Routine Will Super-Charge Your Week, According to Brain Science

We all love a good weekend.

But weekends aren’t just for fun; or at least, they shouldn’t just be for fun.

There’s nothing wrong at all with enjoying your weekends; in fact, that’s super important and health and great for your happiness and so much more.

But what you do on your weekends will also affect your week ahead; and a few small changes can make a massive, positive difference …

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If making small changes to your weekend routine could improve your productivity and mood through the coming week, would you do it? Research says that it can. The good news is that you don’t have to make huge changes or start doing things you may not like, such as yoga or meditation (although if you do like those things, they’re certainly good for you).

A few simply tweaks to how you spend your weekend can make a big difference to the coming week, if you make those changes with brain science in mind. Try a few of these additions to your routine and see how they work for you.

1. Get plenty of sleep.

The importance of sleep to your brain’s health just can’t be overstated. Sleep experts say that most of us need at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night–even if we feel like we need less. Ideally, you shouldn’t ever be short of sleep, which can affect everything from your mood to your leadership skills to your cognitive function. But if you’ve fallen behind on sleep during the week, then make sure to use the weekend to catch up. 

You can do this by sleeping late, but you don’t have to. Naps create big brain benefits, and the weekend can be a perfect time for napping.

2. Get outside.

Spending time in nature benefits your brain and your general health in so many ways that in Japan it’s covered by health insurance. So unless the weather is completely frightful, plan for at least a little time outdoors. Even 15 minutes in nature can make a measurable difference to your mood and outlook. You don’t have to travel to the wilderness to experience these benefits. A park where you’re surrounded by trees and other plants works too…

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