10 Ways to Release Regret

10 Ways to Release Regret

Some inspirational and motivational speakers claim we should never have any regrets!

That we should live our lives, learn our lessons, and never feel bad about anything.

But I believe that’s near impossible, unhealthy, and even absurd. Regret is a normal human emotion, and one from which we can grow and become better if accepted and properly processed.

Which is why I like and am happily sharing this Psychology Today article by Gregory Jantz …


  • Resolve not to live in the past and to forgive yourself.
  • As you seek to release heavy feelings, work to counterbalance anger, fear, and guilt with optimism, hope, and joy.
  • Exercises in intellectual, relationship, physical, and spiritual support can help you reclaim a healthy life.

Few people arrive at adulthood without regrets. You might have a handful of regrets and know they can keep you stuck, rob you of joy, and negatively affect your relationships moving forward.

When you experience an act of betrayal, whether you committed the act or suffered the consequences of another person’s offense, you will likely have feelings of remorse and regret. But that doesn’t mean you need to be burdened by them throughout your life. You can work through your regrets and release them, which will give you freedom and joy.

Consider These Ten Ways to Let Go of Regret

1. Resolve not to live in the past. Regret keeps us stuck in the past as we lament failures and missed opportunities. We ruminate about what might have been and miss out on the joy of living today when we’re haunted by the failures of yesterday.

2. Don’t dwell on your mistakes. Dwelling on mistakes is like putting them under a microscope, which distorts reality and makes everything seem bigger than it really is.

3. Forgive yourself. Recognize that regret is a form of unforgiveness of yourself. It may be easier to forgive others than yourself. But releasing yourself from guilt and shame is a key to moving beyond regret…

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