What’s Love Got to Do With Work?

What’s Love Got to Do With Work?

When most people think of work, and what makes for a positive culture at work, they don’t often think of love.

But research suggests love is not just vital and a positive contributor to the health and happiness of our personal lives, it’s also fundamentally and potentially powerfully linked to positive outcomes in our working lives!

So how do you (appropriately) express love at work?

Well, Bob Rosen explains exactly how in this Psychology Today article …


  • When people love their job or purpose, research shows they are healthier and more productive.
  • The best teams talk openly about the power of love in working together.
  • Love of accomplishment and caring deeply about work is emotionally satisfying.
  • Loving yourself allows you to be confident and humble, and generous and grateful.

Have you ever wondered why we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at work? Especially when business success depends more than ever on the power of people and their passion for what they do?

For some odd reason, we are uncomfortable with the word “love” at work. Maybe it’s because we compartmentalize our lives and would rather leave that squishy love stuff to our personal relationships and home life. But I think it’s a lot more complicated than that. At a time when business and society require us to be more authentic and connected, we find ourselves running away from intimacy and expressions of love. This is not good for people, and it’s definitely not good for business.

Love is arguably one of the most powerful human emotions. Love motivates and inspires us. It helps us rise above our personal needs and builds organizations with a higher purpose. When you bring love into the workplace, you create positive and nourishing relationships.

Love is a true survival emotion. This makes perfect sense if you think of love as the glue for essential positive attachments. It’s natural: We are hardwired for love because it promotes mating, nurturing support of the young, and social bonding. It’s a powerful emotion that prompts us to live in groups and build teams so that we can help each other survive.

In terms of business, love is also a great untapped source of value — it drives high performance and produces positive energy. It promotes collaboration, cultivates joy and happiness, and unleashes discretionary effort. Here are some ways we can all express love at work.

Four ways we express love at work…

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