The Importance of Genuine Enthusiasm

The Importance of Genuine Enthusiasm

Positive Psychology is not JUST the science of happiness.

Happiness IS important but so too are ALL the other positive emotions such as joy and excitement, contentment and satisfaction, and many more.

Sometimes, however, some have (in my humble opinion) undervalued some of the positive emotions like joy and excitement and enthusiasm because they’ve been seen to be less important or frivolous, not as significant and purpose and meaning in life.

But ALL of these experiences are important for a healthy and good life. Which is why I like and am keen to share this article by Elaine Dundon from Psychology Today …


  • Enthusiasm is about expressing our spirit, both individually and collectively.
  • Faking enthusiasm to please others can be a perilous trap.
  • Genuine enthusiasm is an expression of our true self.

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A meaningful life is dependent on inner serenity, self-honesty, and engaging with the world with genuine enthusiasm. The word enthusiasm is defined as strong excitement or a strong feeling of interest in something we like or enjoy. The word actually originated from two Greek words, en (meaning in) and theos (meaning god) and has evolved to mean “manifesting the spirit within.”

Enthusiasm is expressed with our voice, gestures, facial expressions, words, and actions. Whether we feel or don’t feel inspired can be revealed in a simple smile or a frown, standing straight or slouching, being kind to others, or being distant.

Losing Enthusiasm

You may feel that you once were enthusiastic about a job, relationship, or activity but lately, you feel you are losing your enthusiasm. This may be a sign that what you are doing today may no longer be aligned with or connected to your inner spirit or psyche. If neglected, this disconnect can lead to growing stress and anger and, ultimately, show up in physical ailments.

If you are losing your enthusiasm and this feeling has been with you for some time, you may wish to talk with someone close to you or a professional in order to better understand the root of this discontent and what actions you can undertake to address it. Perhaps it means seeking a new challenge or goal, perhaps it means doing more of the activities that give you energy and less of the activities that drain your energy, perhaps it means seeking out people who uplift you versus surrounding yourself with people who pull you down, or perhaps it simply means you need to remind yourself of the positive impact you can make in the lives of others…

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