5 Happiness-Boosting Things To Do To Start Your Year Off Right, According to Positive Psychologists

5 Happiness-Boosting Things To Do To Start Your Year Off Right, According to Positive Psychologists

We’re all different. But we’re all the same.

And we can all benefit from the advice of experts; those people who study human nature and people, happiness and wellbeing.

Not surprisingly, the experts I mostly follow are those with knowledge of psychology and positive psychology, those who study mental health and happiness, surviving and thriving.

And this article by Kells McPhillips from the Well & Good website sums up some great expertise from some great experts …

s I’m writing this, week one of 2022 is almost in the books. Speaking from anecdotal evidence (i.e., the data of my friends and family), many folks have opted out of New Year’s Resolutions this year. Instead, they’re going for the good stuff: happiness. After two years that have been heavy and difficult to say the very least, so many of us just want a little joy. So I asked two positive psychologists for their best beginning of the year happiness tips.

According to clinical psychologist Sarah Sarkis, PhD, a member of the Performance Advisory Board for human performance brand Exos, happiness follows action. “Happiness can’t be captured. It’s not a destination. It’s an experience, a moment in time,” she says. “Once you try to achieve happiness or chase it down or own it in any way, it’s gone. Instead of focusing on being happy, invest in the process of doing things that bring you happiness. You can’t hunt for happiness directly. You have to find it through secondary means like deep fulfillment, intimate connection, and services to others.”

Feeling inspired to actively spark your own happiness? Ahead, Dr. Sarkis and Meghan Marcum, PhD, chief psychologist at AMFM Healthcare, offer up the best ways to access fulfillment, connection, and well-being. Happy (happiest) new year! 

5 beginning of the year happiness tips straight from psychologists

1. Set short-term goals for yourself

Rather than going all-in on resolutions, Dr. Marcum is all about setting snackable goals that you can feel awesome about achieving. “When we set realistic goals it helps motivate us to achieve them which in turn boosts our mental health. Give yourself credit for partially meeting the goal and think about how goal setting can impact your job, relationships, and self-care this year,” she says. For example, maybe you decide you want to try one week of sustainable cooking, or three straight days of yoga. Whatever you choose, ticking off this small win will offer you a boost of happiness and satisfaction…

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