Positive Habits We Took On This Year That Have Made an Impact On Us

Positive Habits We Took On This Year That Have Made an Impact On Us

Whether or not the last year was a great one for you, for many of us it wasn’t, there are always lessons we can learn from what went well and from what didn’t.

Finding the good within the bad, and the good within the good, is something happy and successful people do routinely.

This great article by Marina Khidekel via Thrive Global includes a list of positive habits many developed in 2021 that may well be worth continuing into 2022 and even beyond …

A recent New York Times compiled a list of healthy habits that writers and researchers recommended in the past year — from new exercise routines to creative meditation techniques. And as we reflect on 2021 and prepare for the new year ahead, there’s power in taking a moment to look back at the positive habits we adopted this year, and how they impacted our perspectives, our relationships, and our overall well-being.

We asked our Thrive community to share with us the new positive habits they took on this year. Which of these habits do you want to take on in 2022?

Writing down weekly goals

“I adopted the habit of writing out my weekly goals every Sunday. I also write down my balance benchmarks (gym time, hair mask, face mask)  in a journal to ensure that I am productive while preserving mental recharge time without interruptions. Without writing these out, I am unable to make sound business decisions, let alone be productive at work. Writing out both the productivity goals and balance benchmarks stops me from scattering my mental energy.”

—Karisa Karmali, personal trainer and nutrition coach, Ontario, Canada

Making time for a daily meditation 

“I have been a doer all my life. What more can I do? What is the next project? What more can I learn? ‘Being’ does not come naturally to me. But this year, I developed a practice of mindfulness and meditation that allowed me to ‘be’ a little more. I now have a constant habit of taking a mindful deep breath many times a day and also meditating regularly for 10 minutes in the morning and again at the end of the day. This practice has made me resilient to the changing conditions that prevail around me and attuned with my true self.”

—Utkarsh Narang, executive coach and founder, New Delhi, India

Finding movement that feels good

“I have always been a keen short distance runner and used to find that pounding the pavement was a great stress reliever — but as I head towards 50, I’ve started to feel that the running was becoming more of a chore and that my body was taking longer to recover after each run. So I listened to my body and decided to swap my three weekly runs with daily 5K walks with my two dogs. The impact that this has had has been profound. I feel stronger in my body, more connected to nature, and enjoying the thinking time that allows me to be fully present and attentive without any distractions.”

—Candice Tomlinson, coach and hypnotherapist, Sydney, Australia

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