3 Things That Will Make You Happier Than Winning the Lottery, According to a Harvard Professor

3 Things That Will Make You Happier Than Winning the Lottery, According to a Harvard Professor

Ask people what they think will make them happier and many will answer with something like … more money!

This isn’t a completely irrational response; but it’s also not entirely accurate.

Or more to the point, there are many other things that will, for most people, bring more happiness more often.

Want to know what they are?

Well, in this INC article by Minda Zetlin you’ll learn about three…

For many hard-driven entrepreneurs and other business leaders, happiness sometimes feels like it can be measured in numbers of dollars–this quarter’s profits, or the deal you just landed, or the latest round of funding. But in fact, the research is very clear that money doesn’t equate to happiness and getting more of it is unlikely to make you happier.

For example, look at what happens to people who win the lottery, says Harvard Medical School professor Sanjiv Chopra. (Author and alternative medicine expert Deepak Chopra is his brother.) “The research shows that at the end of a year, they’re back to baseline. Some are less happy,” Sanjiv Chopra said in his TEDx talk.

This is because of a psychological phenomenon called hedonic adaptation, he explained. You may buy, say, a beautiful house and the car of your dreams. “At the end of three months, it’s a nice house, it’s a nice car. You get used to it,” he said. If you’ve ever spent time longing for a beautiful object or an article of clothing and then finally obtained it, you may have experienced hedonic adaptation yourself. In time, you may still love your purchase, but it will likely lose its power to lift your spirits just because you own it.

If money won’t make you happy, what will? You can find several answers in hisĀ talk. Here are my favorites…

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