Use These Four Tips To Overcome The Fear That You’re Not Good Enough

Use These Four Tips To Overcome The Fear That You’re Not Good Enough

So many of us worry so much about whether or not we’re good enough.

Actually, the truth is that so many of us DON’T think we’re good enough.

And that’s sad; because it’s unnecessary and unhelpful and unhealthy.

But the good news is there are solutions to this problem. And a couple of great solutions are outlined in this Forbes article by Chantele Pereira

Am I good enough?

…is a question many women have asked themselves at some point during their life, whether in their careers or relationships or elsewhere. I know I certainly have. We know the answer to the question is a wholehearted, unquestionable, and unabashed “YES,” but somewhere along the way, we let doubts creep in and obscure our thinking.

The question is why? We know what we are capable of, we know our strengths and talents, we know we can do a lot of things/jobs that we put our hearts and minds in to (even start our own businesses!), but yet we doubt ourselves. Whatever the reason or reasons that got us to that place, we need to work through the doubts and rise above those thoughts.

I draw inspiration from multiple sources; nature, family, friends, people in general, books, art, and the list goes on. You may draw inspiration from your faith, family, children, accomplishments, travel, or work, and it is incredibly important to have these sources to draw from or to turn to. They remind us of our best selves that we may have forgotten or even consider “not that big a deal.” They give us that boost of self-confidence that we could all do with every now and then.

Here is a collection of tips and tools to keep in your toolbox to draw on when we feel that question coming to the surface or forefront…

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