Start your day on a positive note by asking yourself these 3 questions

Start your day on a positive note by asking yourself these 3 questions

via Well & Good by Mercey Livingston

I used to be someone who prioritized productivity in the morning, measuring success by the number of boxes I could tick off in every category from fitness to meditation to work. These days, it’s all about focusing on the feeling. If I need more sleep, I sleep. If I feel like I want to get ahead on work, I work. If I want to do a 7 a.m. workout, I’ll do that. Bottom line, no day looks exactly the same—and it feels good that way. Once I shifted my mornings from “What should I do?” to “What do I need?” everything changed.

An ideal morning looks different for everyone, and there isn’t one single formula for a successful morning routine. Since there are so many different ways to start your day, the key is figuring out what works for you and ultimately sets you up for success personally.

Whether you have one thing you always do (like run to the coffee maker) or an entire routine, starting off the day with some type of ritual that helps you feel more grounded can help set the tone for the rest of the day. To help figure out how to tweak your morning routine to feel a bit more joyful, I consulted expert Michelle Wax, happiness coach and founder of the American Happiness Project. According to Wax, a small but powerful thing you can do is start your day with a bit of introspection. You don’t have to write in a journal, (but if you want to, go for it!) but all you need is a few minutes to ask yourself a few questions, like the ones she explains below for a sunnier start to your day.

3 questions to start your day on a positive note

“The first thing I do is ask myself three questions that allow me to start my day off on a positive note,” says Wax. “I ask myself these questions before looking at my phone—or even brushing my teeth—so that I’m starting my morning on my own terms, instead of giving my energy to other people, the news, or social media right away,” she says…

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