10 Surprising Benefits of Taking Breaks From Our Devices

10 Surprising Benefits of Taking Breaks From Our Devices

via Thrive Global by Marina Khidekel

Countless studies have shown us that spending too much time scrolling through our social media feeds can lead to

loneliness, social comparison, and other mental health challenges. Our phones have become central to our social interactions and professional networks, so it can be difficult to take a break. But at the same time, taking time away from our phones and devices can provide us with an opportunity to reset and reconnect with ourselves and the people in our lives.

We asked our Thrive community to share with us the benefits they’ve experienced from taking time away from their devices. Which of these benefits resonates with you?

More time for the things that bring us joy

“When you take a break from your phone, not only do you gain time in your day, but you can also consciously allocate that time to something that brings you immediate joy, like baking a cake, reading a book, taking a bath, going for a walk or even cleaning up. Then, when you go back to your device, you may actually appreciate some of the messages you received a bit more. A break often allows us to appreciate something more, no matter what it is.”

—Marta Rzeszowska Chavent, management and change consultant, France

Better sleep

“I no longer sleep with my phone on my nightstand, and  in fact, it’s not even in my room. This allows me to fully disconnect at night when I’m winding down for bed. I wake up more refreshed and without the looming headache I never realized I had until it was gone!”

—Julie Bronsteatter, personal and executive coach, Chicago, IL

Improved focus

“I have made it a practice to take two 40-day breaks from social media annually — I call it a social media fast. One surprising benefit that I’ve experienced when taking that break is that I can focus on accomplishing a set goal — such as completing a book project without distractions.  During those days, this practice allowed me to quiet my life literally and somewhat refocus on when social media was not part of our lives.”

—Dr. Nadine Collins, women’s leadership expert, Atlanta GA

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