How to Give Each Of Your Tasks Your Undivided Attention

How to Give Each Of Your Tasks Your Undivided Attention

via Thrive Global by Marina Khidekel

In a recent newsletterAtomic Habits author James Clear shared an interesting thought about staying focused. “People who jump from project to project are always dividing their effort, and producing high-quality work becomes difficult without intense effort,” he writes. Instead of tackling every item on your to-do list in one go, “do one thing well and watch it compound,” he says. Research shows this strategy is the key to staying productive: start with one task and give it your undivided attention. 

We asked our Thrive community to share with us the tips that help them focus on their tasks. Which of these tips will you try?

Identify your two top priorities for the day

“I identify the top two tasks for the day that either will make the most impact or have the greatest urgency. Then, all the other tasks I complete after that are just a bonus for my day!”

—Holly Fowler, health coach, Los Angeles, CA

Set a timer

“When I need to give one task my undivided attention, I set a timer on my phone or use the one on my microwave, and I tell myself not to take a break until it goes off. The time usually passes so quickly and I make progress on my task, so it is a win-win.”

—Kristin Meekhof, author and life coach, Royal Oak, MI

Leave your phone in another room

“I have really struggled with maintaining focus in my work, which definitely puts a damper on how much I try to achieve. I’ve learned my trigger is my phone and instant messages constantly grabbing my attention. Just seeing my phone nearby often leads me to pick it up unnecessarily. To fix this, I often leave it in my bedroom while I work in my home office. If someone needs to contact me urgently they can call, and more often than not, it’s not important.”

—Bronwyn Menne, masters student, Johannesburg, South Africa 

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