7 Amazing Things That Happen To You And Your Body When You Laugh

7 Amazing Things That Happen To You And Your Body When You Laugh

via Your Tango by Emma Seppala

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, but who actually makes time for laughter in their lives?

Sure, we enjoy hearing a funny joke, being around people with a good sense of humor, and watching comedies.

But few of us take our laughs seriously (no pun intended) nor do we make a concerted effort to laugh more.

But we should! 

The science of laughter — though still preliminary — suggests that it has tremendous benefits for our health and psychological well-being.

Here are just 7 from this emerging research:

1. Laughter improves your relationships. 

Research shows that laughter makes you more open to new people and helps you build and strengthen relationships. Let’s be real, any friendship or relationship with colleagues without laughter would just be absolutely boring and tedious.

2. Laughter boosts your memory and lowers your stress. 

A study showed that laughter can sharpen your ability to remember things while also reducing the stress hormone cortisol, especially in older people. Even if you think you have a terrible memory, you’re only making it better by having a good laugh or two.

3. Laughter makes you resilient. 

Ever had nervous laughter in an awkward or difficult situation? That’s because laughter may help you regulate your emotions in the face of challenge, one study suggests. if someone questions it, let them. They obviously haven’t read the study, nor have they done the research…

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