How To Be More Creative And Boost Happiness: 6 Ways To Get Inspired

How To Be More Creative And Boost Happiness: 6 Ways To Get Inspired

via Forbes by Tracy Brower

You’ve always known cultivating your creativity is good for problem solving, motivation and career growth, but research also suggests when you express your creativity, you’ll experience greater wellbeing and happiness. And who doesn’t want more of that?

For some, creativity may seem out of reach—reserved only for those who paint or sculpt or play the violin. But, in reality, creativity is something all of us can access. In fact, any job (or life!) benefits from creative thinking, and any person can express it in their own way.

Creativity also seems to be a sure path toward experiencing more happiness. Ironically, if you pursue happiness for its own sake, you’ll be less likely to achieve it. But you can harness happiness by creating the conditions through which you can access it—and creative pursuits are a surefire way to bring about more joy.

Creativity and Art Enhance Wellbeing and Happiness

Multiple studies have demonstrated correlations between creativity, art, wellbeing and happiness.

  • Mental health and wellbeing are enhanced with more creative pursuits. The British Journal of Clinical Psychology published a study which demonstrates when people are involved in arts-oriented activities, they see a boost in positive emotions and a reduction in negative emotions—bringing about greater overall happiness.
  • In a related study by The University of Otago, those involved in creative pursuits had more positive feelings in general. And interestingly, their positive feelings drove additional creative activities. Creativity fed positivity, which in turn, fed creativity, thus setting up a reinforcing relationship.
  • A study at Drexel University found when people did more art work—even doodling or coloring—they experienced a boost to their brain’s pleasure pathways. This additional blood flow to their brain’s reward centers made them feel happier, and more confident about their art and increased their desire to engage in additional creative pursuits. The effects of creating art were significant for non-artists as well as artists.
  • A factor linking both creativity and happiness is empathy and a focus on others. When we focus on applying our talents to help others, we feel happier. This is well-documented in various studies. But it is also true that when empathy is enhanced, this can result in greater creativity and problem solving, according to a University of Cambridge study.

Fostering Creativity and Happiness

So, creativity and happiness are closely related, and this has implications for both work and life. Here’s how you can make it matter…

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