5 Ways to Add Self-Care Into Your Busy Schedule

5 Ways to Add Self-Care Into Your Busy Schedule

via Entrepreneur by Aditi Ramchandani

We all know self-care should be a priority. But most of us don’t have the time to make it a priority.

Here is something that you probably didn’t know: The busier you are, the greater self-care you need. Doctors like Dr. Christiane Northrup have found that “being too busy can cause serious health problems.” When you don’t engage in self-care equal to your busyness, you create an internal imbalance, leading to higher stress levels and a decline in health and happiness.

Self-care is necessary to your optimal health and survival on this planet. If you want to truly thrive in your business and home life, it’s time to add nourishment to your routine. Feeling replenished from the inside out will bring you gifts of more energy, creativity and greater space for problem-solving and time for the things you love.

Here are five ways to add self-care into your busy schedule: 

Decide that self-care is a priority

Making self-care a priority is harder when you haven’t decided to make it one. A wishy-washy commitment to self-care won’t make it happen. If taking care of yourself is truly something you want to focus on, then make a decision to make it a top three priority in your life. The International Center of Self-Care Research identified one of the struggles of implementing self-care to be changing old behaviors. Making self-care a priority will aid in your desire to build a new habit. Your inner commitment will lead to outer actions to support your decision.

Add self-care to your calendar

If it’s not in your calendar, it may as well not be happening! When you are starting something new or taking a commitment to the next level, a plan will help you set the foundation for it. Once you’ve made a decision, it’s time to make a plan and carve out time for it. What days or times do you commit to your self-care? First decide when you will engage in self-care, add it to your calendar, then decide what you will do. If you are just starting out, pick 1-3 days where you will schedule self-care in. There are numerous self-care activities that you can do which range from caring for your body, your mind and your spirit. Perhaps you will schedule in time to move your body for 30 minutes, or take a long bath after work, or spend time cooking a nourishing meal for yourself. Think about what rejuvenates and energizes you. Create a designated time for your self-care to reap the benefits…

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