Simple Ways to Instantly Turn Around a Stressful Day

Simple Ways to Instantly Turn Around a Stressful Day

via Thrive Global by Marina Khidekel

Stress is inevitable, but we can prevent it from becoming cumulative. Research shows that in just 60 to 90 seconds, it’s possible to course correct from stress and reset our bodies and minds. So when you’re having a particularly overwhelming day, it’s essential to have a few strategies in your back pocket that help you quickly shift gears and reframe the moment.

We asked our Thrive community to share with us the small in-the-moment tips that help them turn around a stressful day. Which of these will you try?

Look at a photo that makes you happy

“To turn around a stressful day, I like looking at a photo of a memorable moment, either from a past vacation, a family celebration, or a framed snapshot of my kids. It takes me back to a time and place that was filled with laughter, and it lets my mind wander for a few minutes.”

—Marta Rzeszowska Chavent, management and change consultant, France

Listen to a song you love

“We all have a favorite song that can take us from feeling miserable into a state of euphoria. With music comes movement and through movement, we reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure. To shift the mood during stressful times, I use a ‘walk-on’ song that transforms that moment from blah to epic in just a few seconds. I press play on Rihanna’s Rockstar 101 and within seconds I will be out of my seat, dancing and singing. The day instantly transforms and I can get back to whatever I was working on without feeling stressed.” 

—Rachel Minion, head rockstarr and marketer, St. Augustine, FL

Try a two-minute brain dump

“Whenever I feel stressed, I stop what I’m doing and do a two-minute brain dump.  I get all the thoughts and tasks out of my head and onto paper.  As soon as it’s out of my head, it’s much easier to prioritize linearly, so the stress melts away and I can focus and move through the day thoughtfully.”

—Alexis Haselberger, time management and productivity coach, San Francisco, CA

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