5 Ways To Have More Joy In Your Job

5 Ways To Have More Joy In Your Job

via Forbes by Tracy Brower

Now is the time to ensure you’re happy in your career. During the last year, chances are your work patterns have been significantly disrupted. This gives you a great opportunity to look with new distance and objectivity at your job, your colleagues and your company.

When you return to the office—or to a more normal work pattern—you’ll be reminded with fresh eyes of all the things you love (or don’t love) about your work situation. This is a valuable moment to reassess, reset and reinvigorate your career. It’s the perfect time to make choices that create the conditions for your happiness at work, whether you decide to seek new opportunities with a different organization or infuse more happiness into your existing work.

And happiness in your career and your job are worthy goals. Large numbers of studies have shown when you’re happier at work you tend to have better physical health, perform better, make better decisions, set bigger goals, seek greater learning and pursue growth and development more enthusiastically. In addition, you tend to be more likeable. These are all very good things if you want to progress in your career. They will make you super valuable to your employer and bring you joy as well.

No matter what job you’re in, you won’t be happy every single minute. After all, every role is a mixed bag of things you’ll love and things that won’t be as lovely. But you can strive for a mostly-positive experience. Ironically, your best strategy won’t be to pursue happiness itself as your end goal, but to find the right conditions that set you on the path toward happiness.

Making Work More Joyful

As you seek to make your work more enjoyable, here are some science-backed ways to make a difference for yourself and others…

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