3 things Harvard scientists say you can do right now to be happier today

3 things Harvard scientists say you can do right now to be happier today

via the Ladders by Christian Patterson

Why is the pursuit of happiness such a challenging journey for some people? How can you improve your mood and positivity? Check out these three things Harvard scientists say you can do right now to shift to a more positive frame of mind.

Get moving, get happier

Are you struggling with negative emotions? Getting outdoors and regularly exercising can work wonders for both your health and your mood. Whether you take a walk, ride a bike, or go for a run, aerobic activity unleashes mood-boosting hormones within your body that ease stress levels and lift your spirits.

When your muscles contract repetitively in exercises like jogging, yoga, or swimming, this ramps up your body’s production of serotonin. Increased levels of this brain chemical, targeted by many antidepressants, are linked to a happier mood. 

Ready to get moving and increase your positivity, but not sure where to start? Experts suggest at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five days a week or a vigorous 20 minutes three times a week. 

Dr. Michael Craig Miller, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, acknowledges that it can be challenging when starting a new workout routine but says every bit helps! 

“Start with five minutes a day of walking or any activity you enjoy. Soon, five minutes of activity will become 10, and 10 will become 15,” Dr. Miller says.

If you are in an emotional funk and need a quick mood boost, even a brief 15-minute stroll around the block can put you in a more cheerful mental space…

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