3 Questions That Will Build Your Confidence When It’s Crumbling

3 Questions That Will Build Your Confidence When It’s Crumbling

via Forbes by Stephanie Burns

According to a KPMG study, a whopping 67% of high-performing executive women said that even they needed more support building confidence to feel like they could be leaders in their industry. That lack of confidence held the majority of them back from pursuing job opportunities, asking to be paid more, shifting positions and more.

That’s where Desiree Cocroft comes in. Desiree is a certified personal and professional transformation coach who specializes in helping female entrepreneurs and leaders not only figure out what comes next in life but also go after it. “I’m passionate about helping people overcome their negative bias so they can make real change happen, do the work they desire and become history-makers,” says Cocroft, who has years of training in executive coaching and positive psychology. 

When you’re looking for a boost in confidence, she recommends asking the following questions to quiet your negative inner voice and boldly push forward with your goals.

1. What’s A Failure You’ve Learned Something From? 

If you feel like you hear “no” a lot from potential clients, or you’re struggling to hit a financial goal in your business, it’s a great time to ask yourself this confidence-building question. “One of my clients was struggling with moving forward on a business decision because she kept thinking about how she didn’t get the result she wanted the first time she tried to make that move,” explains Cocroft. “Then she asked herself not about what went wrong but what she learned from that failure. Only then was she able to move forward. Focusing on what you have learned helps you fight back against the enemy of progress: perfection.”

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