10 Questions That Will Lead You to a Life of Joy

10 Questions That Will Lead You to a Life of Joy

via Thrive Global by Alyson DeMaso

According to the Webster dictionary,  joy is described as ‘the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires.’ Joy has long been the subject of great philosophers and remains as elusive today as it was in ancient times.

My own journey of personal achievement, career success, and leadership presented me with only half the joy equation. It wasn’t until suffering burnout, crashing, and rebounding that I learned the secrets of joy as guided by therapists, reiki healers, yogis, shamans and other health & spiritual gurus.

Here are 10 questions to help you stop manically praying for joy and start living with it every day:

How do I wish to feel in my life?

Exploring different dimensions of your life can be eye-opening. Often, we work hard to obtain success in one area (i.e. career) neglecting other areas that nourish our souls. What do ideal friendships, social life, personal growth, career, parenthood, financial security, or love feel like for you? Visualize and feel it.

How have my beliefs contributed to my current life?

We’re made of thousands of beliefs developed from our unique life experiences. Our beliefs elicit emotions prompting every decision we make. If you feel a gap between your current and ideal life, the reasons are hidden within you. Which beliefs have helped you thus far, how have they potentially limited you, and is it time to rewrite them? Own the power to change your rules and your life.

What feels meaningful to me?

Purpose is your north star during turbulent moments. It has nothing to do with your achievements and everything to do with honoring your heart. What’s something your younger self would remind you? What would your future-self encourage you to choose? What parts of yourself are you holding back? Living fully brings meaning to everything you do.

Who am I when I am at my best?

What comes naturally to you? When are you working in your “zone of genius?” What are you best known for in your inner circle? These questions point to your very best characteristics. Showing up with your greatest strengths keeps you highly engaged in whatever you do. Being engaged = being happy…

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