6 Perspectives From Joyful People

6 Perspectives From Joyful People

via Thrive Global by Bailey King

Success looks different for everyone. For a CEO, success may mean increasing revenue, hiring more employees, and being recognized by prominent companies in the industry. For a mom, success may look like having intentional time with every child, creating nourishing meals that feed the family, and finding time throughout the day to find peace and quiet. Although success metrics are different, measures of joy are often similar. Joy is much different than happiness. Happiness is a fleeting feeling that results from an enjoyable experience or meaningful moment. Joy is an undeniable belief that regardless of your circumstances, you are thankful and appreciative of the life that you are living. Joy is a quality that is both learned and practiced. In this article, we will share six perspectives that are held by many joyful people.

1. Balance Is Impossible

Everyone is striving to find balance in their work, personal life, and relationships. As counterintuitive as it seems, having a completely balanced life is impossible. As humans, we are constantly juggling many different responsibilities. When work is going well, we feel that we are missing out on social activities. When our home life is thriving, we are worried that we are letting others down at work. This imbalance is okay. When our life seems off balance, we are forced to consider the things that matter most in our day to day lives. Rather than striving to engage in perfect balance, prioritize a list of the things that are most important to you. As long as you are satisfied with the way that you are engaging with your top three priorities, all other things will slowly fall into place.

2. Don’t Forget About Yourself

To be joyful, you must have the energy to appreciate the things that are happening around you. When you do not take care of yourself, it is easy to be negative and critical. When you prioritize quality sleep,  you will see your attitude shift drastically. Women and sleep apnea are a common combination that we see in today’s society. Since sleep is vital to well-being, it is important to find ways to manage this discomfort. In addition to sleep, many people do not protect their diet or exercise regimens when times get busy. When you let your physical well-being fall to the wayside, you cannot be the best version of yourself…

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