9 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Stop Worrying

9 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Stop Worrying

via Thrive Global by Adrian Nita

One of the most dangerous emotions we experience is “worry,” which we all deal with. Scientifically worrying is proven to harm us in many ways. Worry hurts us emotionally, physically, and mentally. Worry takes many different forms, and we all have different responses to it. There are some great ways to combat worry.

Listed below are 9 scientifically-backed ways to stop worrying.


Exercise helps to produce happiness, feel-good endorphins. Those endorphins make it a lot harder to be worried. Exercise reduces stress in so many ways. You can get your tension out through kick-boxing, yoga, pole fitness, running, swimming, and so much more. Training will give you an outlet to focus on that is not worrying. Exercise lets you focus on bettering yourself. Focusing on health and eating the right foods, you will stop worrying naturally.


Keeping a journal can be a great way to stop worrying. By writing down your thoughts, you might see that they aren’t anything to worry about after all. Writing can be very therapeutic, and it helps you get to the bottom of the issue. When we write, we don’t concern ourselves with anything but the words on the page. Write about anything that makes you happy or angry. A study published in Psychotherapy Research showed that participants who journaled their feelings are likely to have lower anxiety levels than those in a more controlled setting.


Talking to someone about your worries is a great way to stop them right in their tracks. Often, someone else will have advice or something to add to the conversation to make you feel a little calmer.  Don’t be afraid to ask people for advice while talking with them. Try to find someone who was in a similar situation as you. Keeping in mind that the worry will end is beneficial…

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