Positive Thinking Activities You Need to Incorporate In your Life Now!

Positive Thinking Activities You Need to Incorporate In your Life Now!

via Thrive Global by Jessica Miller

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” –Roy T. Bennett.  After coming across this quote, I came to the realization that individuals like you and I obsessively over-analyze every situation. Constantly making up different situations in your head can leave you with a lot of negative thoughts. Having negative thoughts is a sign that someone has gone through a lot in their life. So when something good happens, it kind of surprises them.

Positivity is the oxygen your life needs. And with a positive mindset, you will see so many of your issues fade away. Yes, it’s not easy to stay positive in a chaotic and toxic world like this. However, with the help of a few positive thinking activities, you can try to change that. To help you out, I’ve mentioned five positive thinking activities that you need to incorporate in your life right now!

1.    Bring Back High-Fives

High-Fives are a good release of negative energy. Sadly, high-fives have decreased since the emergence of coronavirus. High-fiving people around you may seem weird, but it’s a good way to connect with everyone and create a happy vibe.

When you’re drowning in negativity, you need to find small ways to make yourself feel happy. And if a simple high-five can help you do that, there is no harm in trying it out. A virtual high-five would be a better option in these changing times.

2.    Use the Phrase “On the Other Hand”

Using the “On the other hand” formula is quite helpful when it comes to tackling negative thoughts. Furthermore, it allows you to focus more on positive thoughts. Whenever you find yourself thinking about something negative, make sure to add “on the other hand” to diminish the negativity. This is a fantastic activity to incorporate positivity in your thinking and is very simple.

3.    Mirror Mirror on the Wall

It’s time to incorporate some major Snow White vibes as part of your positivity-building activities. It’s helpful, and all you have to do is stand in front of a big mirror every morning and evening. As you look at your reflection, start pointing out what you like about yourself. This will help you gain more confidence and change your perspective on many things and situations…

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