Happiness Is Good For Business: 6 Ways To Create It For Employees

Happiness Is Good For Business: 6 Ways To Create It For Employees

via Forbes by Tracy Brower

There’s plenty of evidence that happy employees are more engaged, productive and effective—and they contribute more to success and the bottom line. As a leader, you have an opportunity to create the conditions for happiness. And it’s a good idea—because it’s the right thing to do for people and it contributes significantly to business outcomes.

Some are predicting a wonderful world of work ahead in which employees enjoy more focus and perks and are more engaged and productive. Creating the conditions for fulfillment, happiness and effectiveness isn’t guesswork. There is plenty of evidence about what matters most, and you can tap into these proof points to take the actions that will make the biggest difference.

Based on Kansas State University research, by creating the conditions for happiness, businesses experience a positive impact on employee decision making and job performance, reduced health costs and reduced turnover costs. These effects of happiness are true regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, job tenure and educational levels. Additional studies at the University of California Riverside found when people are happier, they work harder toward goals and seek to develop their capabilities—both of which are good for business.

Happiness Is A Shared Responsibility

One caveat: Businesses and leaders are not solely responsible for happiness. People tend to have a genetic tendency toward happiness—or not—and they also have responsibility. This is the idea of both agency and structure. Agency is the impact people and their choices make. Adults are empowered to choose how they think about things, how they react and how they shape their circumstances. But structure is also critical—this is where leaders and organizations come in. Structure addresses the policies, practices, norms and cultures which contribute to happiness—or don’t.

How To Create Happiness For Your Employees

Creating happiness has important implications, and it is within your control and your capabilities…

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