Beat A Bad Day With These Simple Steps

Beat A Bad Day With These Simple Steps

via Forbes by Heather Cherry

Have you ever just felt like your lousy day would never end? Maybe things haven’t gone as you planned, and you feel like your bad luck is relentless. Bad days are never fun. Defining a bad day can look very different—anything can trigger bad days, whether it’s a significant event or even less monumental moments like misplacing your keys or stubbing your toe. 

The good news is that you can turn your bad day around in a few simple steps. 

Refocus Your Thoughts

Sometimes things just happen that aren’t okay. But sometimes bad days may not “really” exist—they can be an interpretation of reality—acting more like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Studies show those who believe in bad luck are more likely to have accidents on Friday the 13th

If your bad day is related to how you’ve interpreted events, refocus your thoughts by first evaluating your feelings. Analyze the emotions associated with your bad day. Are you feeling stress, anxiety, or frustration—can you pinpoint when it started or what caused it?  

After you’ve identified the emotions you’re feeling, think about the events of your bad day. It’s not always easy, but try to refocus your thoughts on some potential positives. For instance, if you lost a client, think about how you might apply this knowledge for future success. Are there things you can do differently?

Divert Your Attention 

Once a bad day begins, it’s likely you expect it to continue. But if you expect bad things to happen, you are more susceptible to having them come to fruition. Negative expectations can cause you to interpret things negatively. The brain’s purpose is to make sense of your surroundings, actively transitioning from the subconscious to the conscious—its goal is to sustain life, process complex ideas, and make a connection…

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